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Producing a video to promote a sprinkler system installaion process.

Kier are a leading UK construction and infrastructure services company, providing specialist design and build capabilities.

Kier Group


Kier had been tasked with installing sprinkler systems in a large number of properties for Hammersmith & Fulham council. We were asked to capture the installation of the sprinkler system and produce a short video that would highlight the ease and speed of installing for prospective tenants.

We captured the entire installation process using a a multitude of 4K cameras recording at normal speed, slow motion and time-lapse. We then utilised our expertise in motion graphics and post-production to create an engaging bite sized video.

The video showcase of the sprinkler system installation helped to achieve an exceptionally high adoption rate by Hammersmith & Fulham Council tenants.

Image of Dane Christie
Dane Christie
Project Manager at Hammersmith & Fulham Council
The equipment Lowrell brought for filming was like nothing I've seen before and I was thoroughly impressed with their creativity and ingenuity. The final video completely surpassed my expectations and was a big hit with everyone.
Dane Christie


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